branded organic traffic

In the realm of digital marketing, understanding the sources of your website’s traffic is crucial for optimizing strategies and achieving better outcomes. One of the pivotal differentiation lies in identifying whether the traffic comes from branded or non-branded keywords.

What is the difference between Branded and Non-Branded Keywords?

Branded keywords encompass terms that directly include your company name, products, or services. Non-branded keywords, on the other hand, are more generic and relate to the industry or topics you cover. Sometimes, it is really important for SEO specialists who want to see the outcome of their efforts. It sheds light on the effectiveness of your branding efforts and reveals the organic interest your content garners.

Simple steps to create a report in Looker Studio

1. Create a report in Looker Studio

branded organic traffic

2. Connect data from Google Search Console


3. Create charts and tables with queries

4. Create a filter

5. And add regex formula
In that formula, you can list all brand names that you know users can use (do smile analisys in GSC)
Field ID: query-category
Formula: seopoint|seo point

6. If you choose “exclude” option you will get non-branded traffic for your website

This approach will enable you to generate a comprehensive report for your client, showcasing the diligent efforts put forth in promoting non-branded keywords.
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