Restoring page after Google update hit in October 2023

In the quiet hours of the evening, I embarked on a mission to reclaim my web page’s lost glory following the impactful Google Core Update that struck in October 🙂 One specific page, rich with “money keywords,” had fallen victim to Google’s algorithmic shuffle. Initially, I attributed the setback to the relative youthfulness of my website, surmising that more authoritative domains had seized the keywords that once belonged to my domain. I temporarily shelved the project, believing that time would be the ultimate remedy.

drop in traffic after Google update 2023 in october

Recently, curiosity got the better of me, and I revisited that neglected corner of the web. With renewed determination, I began the process of scrutinizing content, revising meta descriptions, and fine-tuning various elements. It was during this meticulous review that I stumbled upon a seemingly minor oversight – “Video Page Indexing.”

1) That page contained a video (that wasn’t necessary for that content btw).
2) The page lost all keywords when the video dropped from the index at 10.10.2023 (looked at the screenshots)
Video page indexing problem
3) The video was removed from the page
4) The majority of the keywords were successfully restored.Restoring page after Google update hit in October 2023

What a fascinating journey it has been with a happy ending! But here’s the exciting part: How quickly do you think Google reindexed my page and brought it back to the search results? Well, brace yourselves for the answer – it only took a few hours, not the weeks we might have expected!

Yes, you read it correctly – just a few hours. It’s true! After I discovered and fixed that small mistake, my page started attracting clicks from old keywords on the very same day. Isn’t that almost like magic?

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